Beautiful Bernthal

Shane In Every Episode

Season 2, Episode 5 - Chupacabra

Mob City 1.1 - A guy walks into a bar…

there is nothing easy about taking a man’s life no matter how little value it may have. but when you get it done, you have to forget it. i guess i haven’t quite got that last part down.

» (17-18/100) photos of Jon Bernthal.

Jon Bernthal on working with Jeff DeMunn again in Mob City

i’m awake today


The Walking Dead 04x14 » The Grove

People that are living are haunted by the dead. We are who we are and we do what we do because they’re still here. In our heads, in the forest. The whole world is haunted now. 


Unusual weapons - requested by atoizzard

“That is my best friend. That’s the man that I love, I love him like he’s my brother.”Shane Walsh (2x6)